Galleos – Tag; Battery powered, Bluetooth Tags, 640Gateway (2G/4G Wi-Fi) Business Intelligent apps.

Simple cost-effective solutions keep track of your assets, people, know service levels and equipment readiness.

Galleos – Tag; Business credible devices that are small and intelligent, battery powered (3 years).

  • Simple to attach (self-adhesive bond, screw or insert in holder)

Galleos – Tag; talks to app or comms Gateway and linked to a central database for Global data.

  • Starter project for asset location and inspection, bespoke development for specific uses, our Tag can monitor temperature, humidity, air quality and movement with IOS/Android applications as standard.
  • Secure Microsoft Azure cloud storage and integration using our Swagger API tools.

Why not download our product sheet for detailed information [Galleos – Tag download PDF].

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas for that specific requirement.



GALLEOS Gateways

Intelligent tags

Galleos – Tag Location

Galleos – Tag Temperature

Galleos – Tag Vibration

Galleos – Tag Humidity

Know all the small things. Tell a bigger story.


Galleos – Tag, Galleos Gateway, Galleos App are a subscription-based service which includes data access. Our intelligent software updates and alerts to data storage, allowing service and readiness information, instantly available via app.

Our software is flexible like our tags, we charge an initial set up fee for your assets, people/places and to configure the tags, gateways, databases, and applications. A yearly subscription is then charged for maintenance and support. Tags are recyclable and have a life expectancy of 3 years, subject to end use, we offer a post back and replace service or can build this into your package.

Installation by our specialists requires no integration with your power supply as all our gateway devices and tags are self-powered.

About us

We are a team of electronic engineers, designers, programmers, app developers, mathematicians, materials scientists and hands on ‘let’s try it and see’ innovators.

We have 1000’s of vehicles using our technology, collecting millions of data points every day.

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  • Simple to install and use
  • Low cost to get started and own
  • Complex things are made simple to understand
  • Robust, reusable and rechargeable
  • Complete product – hardware, software, analytics, support
  • Proven Technology
  • Reduce cost, increase effectiveness, improve compliance
  • Any business, any mobile device, any person, anything.

We think the best way to experience Galleos G-tag® is to try it yourself on your own equipment and see how easy it is to simply know more about your site.

Our trial includes 5 tags and our inspection app so you can create inspection logs for your own assets and take temperature readings of your site.

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